About the event

China’s biologics market continues to aggressively expand and achieve greater heights – regulatory reforms, new investments into the biopharma sector, more international partnerships coming into place and local biopharmas looking to go global. Product innovation and investment opportunities are in abundance as China leads the way as the 2nd largest biologics market in the world.

With numerous shifts on the horizon, the Chinese industry approaches a tipping point as companies reevaluate current trends and strategies to achieve commercial excellence. The 6th iteration of BDP Week will address the 2020 investment climate, technological advancements, industry case studies, and partnerships and expansion opportunities across key value chains.

With improved networking windows and elevated exhibition platforms, join us as the industry convenes at this highly anticipated annual gathering of biopharma leaders.


Conference Day 1 | 3 November 2020

China’s Big Leap Towards BioPharma 2030 – Innovation, Industrialization, InternationalizationDr. Song Ru Lin, Executive President, China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA), ChinaKEYNOTE ADDRESS
China’s Biological Facilities for the Future – WuXi’s Story on Technology and InnovationDr. Chris Chen, Chief Executive Officer, WuXi Biologics, ChinaManufacturers’ Panel:
New Therapies, New Tech and New Investments

  • New frontiers in drug development
  • What is the gap in quality and investment?
  • Embracing new tech and start-ups to drive progress
  • New therapeutics manufacturing, commercialisation and global access
  • Biomanufacturing 4.0 – Where are we at?
  • DAL’s GAMP and licensing laws – How is it affecting our business and what we can expect?
  • The GQCE framework – quality consistency and better pricing
  • DAL’s New GAMP and Licensing Law – Implementation and oversight
  • Biomanufacturing 2030 – the hottest shifts in manufacturing in China
  • Trends in Pharma 4.0 standards and China’s new drug delivery strategy
  • C&GT – regulation, investment and market opportunities
  • Industry case studies for commercial manufacturing


  • The state-of-play for cell line development
  • Applications for furthering biopharma R&D strategy
  • Novel CLD platform technologies and tools: new advancements and industry use cases for the incorporation of novel technologies
  • Industry case studies for high-throughput screening and performance
  • Industry Panel: Perspectives on utilising platform technologies for CLD


  • Maneuvering the Chinese Market for Cell and Gene Therapies
  • Addressing the next wave of innovations in cell therapies
  • Managing cost and accelerating manufacturing process
  • Latest CAR T-cell technology developments

Networking Cocktails & BDP China Party

Conference Day 2 | 4 November 2020

China’s Biopharma Capital Markets – Future Funds and Innovative Financing Fu Wei, Chief Executive Officer, CBC Group, China Venture Capitals Roundtable: Show Me the Drug 

  • Investment landscape of Chinese biopharma market
  • Evaluating drug pipelines and development prospects
  • Mergers, expansion and JVs – Where do we see transactions picking up?
  • Financing new plants, new therapeutics, product launch and scaling-up operations – How do we review?
  • Manufacturing 4.0 – How do VCs and banks play a part in modernising the value chain?

  • Manufacturing technology showcases – Improving cost and efficiency
  • Case study from tech transfer to risk analysis and migration strategy
  • Vaccine manufacturing innovation
  • Sustainable manufacturing and scalability
  • Best practices and strategies in biopharma supply chain integration
  • QbD and Quality Matrix for meeting regulatory requirements
  • Biomanufacturing process validation and quality risk management
  • PAT insights – Assessment, Review and Results
  • Engineering host cell lines: spotlight on industry case studies and advancements in cell engineering techniques
  • Genomics and CRISPR in focus: China’s current state of play for IP, regulation, and industry perspectives on CRISPR adoption
  • New host cell lines: use cases and considerations beyond CHO
  • Automation, digitalisation and integration big data into workflows: navigating the various tools for data-driven, accelerated, and next-generation CLD
  • Exploring the synergies between engineered host cells and process development
  • Industry Panel: Insights on what’s next in the future of cell line development and engineering
  • Payment systems, patient access and reimbursement challenges in China
  • Case studies on clinical trial landscapes and efficacy evidence
  • Facilities design and construction cell therapies
  • Tracking and overall effective supply chain systems


End of Conference