Cell and Gene Therapy

The cell therapy market is exploding with opportunities, and the total market volume for CAR-T therapy alone is expected to reach USD 1 trillion by 2030. China boasts more cell therapy trials than the US, and it is increasingly leveraging its strategic advantage in context to labour costs, precision manufacturing, and now also a more accommodating regulatory regime for this sector.

Part of the 6th Biopharma Development Week, IBCs Cell and Gene Therapy summit will be one of 4 colocated events straddling the entire biopharma value chain. Focusing on investment, regulation, trials and development, the cell therapy market segment will be addressed as a whole, alongside pricing and commercialisation developments.

Discussion themes

  • Regulatory developments in the region, and China
  • Working with CFDA guidelines on Research and Evaluation of Cell Therapy Products
  • Best practice as defined by regulation for selection of animal models for non-clinical studies and clinical data collection
  • The in’s and out of CAR-T trials
  • Cell therapy manufacturing – regulatory requirements, technology and innovation
  • Improving, manufacturing, development and quality control capabilities
  • Testing benchmarks for product quality release and drug clearing procedures
  • Approval process and guidelines for cell therapy products
  • CAR-T therapy market outlook, and CD19 developments
  • Commissioning CAR-T cell preparation facilities in China
  • Developments in viral and nonviral vectors for gene delivery
  • Innovative applications of CRISPR technology
  • Government opinions on medical insurance and pricing for cell therapy products
  • Defining the growth path of cell therapy in future